About Us

Welcome to Pizza Delight! We’re glad you dropped in and we hope to see you soon enjoying our delicious pizza, mouth-watering pasta and fresh salads. Whether it’s our famous garlic cheese fingers, Caesar salad, Donairs or one of our new and exciting menu items, you’ll know it’s been prepared with the freshest ingredients, bought close to home, and served to you with a smile.

A lot has changed since we started in 1968, but one thing remains the same… we still make our pizza dough fresh every day, add your favourite toppings, our secret recipe pizza sauce and finish it off with our Mozzarella Cheese.

Pizza Delight has always been a great place to catch up with friends and family. So come on in and let us take care of the rest.


When Bernard Imbeault, the company's co-founder bought a small take-out restaurant in Shediac, New Brunswick called Pizza Delight - the thought of welcoming customers to over 80 locations across Atlantic Canada and Ontario was a distant goal. Now over 45 years later, this dream has come true.

Canadian owned and operated, Pizza Delight was built on family values and holds true to these principles everyday. Bernard’s recipe was simple: start with a great pizza, top it with friendly, down-to-earth service and success will follow. Time and again, generations have come to love our Italian-inspired menu of pizza, pasta, salads, chicken and ribs and know that wherever they are, Pizza Delight always feels like home.

Pizza Delight®, along with Scores®, Mikes® and Baton Rouge®, is part of Imvescor Inc., a Canadian-owned company, with headquarters in Montreal and offices in Moncton.





2003 - Bread Grill is introduced

Grilled fresh bread and the aroma of savoury spreads were added to Pizza Delight restaurants with the introduction of the Bread Grill in 2003. Customers were encouraged to gather around the grill and choose their favourite spread, including our famous garlic spread and grill their bread to toasty perfection. These unique grill-your-own bread style grills proved to be a hit and now many of Pizza Delight’s sit-down restaurants offer this experience to their customers.





1980 - Secret Sauce is centralized

When Pizza Delight first started, the secret recipe pizza sauce was made from scratch right at the restaurant. Customers loved the signature taste and appreciated the care and time it took to get it right. In the late 70s, the demands of a growing franchise operation allowed the company to centralize the sauce production into one facility in Scoudouc, New Brunswick. Today, the recipe remains a secret and along with our Spaghetti sauce is made in small batches just for us.





1975 - Signature Octagonal Shaped Pizza Box

The octagonal shaped take-out pizza box you’ve come to know and love made its first debut around 1975 and not long after appeared the well-known octagonal Pizza Delight logo. The pizza box is still shaped the same and you can see the famous octagon hidden in the updated version of the Pizza Delight logo. So when asked which came first – the logo or the pizza box? You’ll know it was the box that lent its shape to the logo.





1970 - Flying Saucer Restaurants

In the early 70s the future for Pizza Delight restaurants was space travel. Or rather, spacecraft style restaurants. Flying saucers were the mode of transportation that was to bring Pizza Delight to the forefront of the pizza industry. Even though the concept cost more than three times that of a regular restaurant, it was believed to be the most popular and plans for over 2000 outlets were in the works. The flying saucers were fabricated in Kensington, Prince Edward Island and would function as take-out locations. While dreams of dominating the pizza market with this unique extra-terrestrial restaurant never came to fruition; one actually did serve as a functioning take-out location for a number of years in Moncton, New Brunswick.





1969 - Bernard Imbeault buys his first Pizza Delight

In 1969 Bernard Imbeault and two of his friends bought a small take-out restaurant in Shediac, New Brunswick called Pizza Delight that first opened in 1968. It was part of a franchise of two locations with the other one in Moncton, New Brunswick. The thought of welcoming customers to over 80 locations across Canada was a distant goal. Now over 45 years later, this dream has come true. A lot has changed since 1968, but one thing remains the same… Pizza Delight’s signature taste always starts with hand-made dough, topped with their secret recipe pizza sauce, fresh ingredients and served to you with friendly, down-to-earth service.